From 19 January to 24 March 2019, Keramis is exhibiting the work of Sixtine Jacquart that she created in residence last summer.

Cloche-pied (Hopping) transforms Keramis into a huge room of sports experiments. While Sixtine Jacquart usually uses her own body in performances to give meaning to most of her porcelain pieces, here she has chosen to substitute it with the actual venue.


The installations that make up Cloche-pied fill the entire museum. They are comprised of pieces of brightly coloured rope and white parts in enamelled porcelain. The aim of linking the two is to contrast these coloured ropes with the coldness of the porcelain.

Both in their size and primary function, the pieces are not that dissimilar from the equipment found in sports halls. With rings suspended in the void of the large staircase, a dance barre in the lobby and huge rope frames suspended across the large nave, Keramis metamorphoses beneath Sixtine Jacquart’s installations so that visitors can see it in a new light – the dividing line between challenge and staying in shape is blurred more than ever before.

As well as these installations specially devised for the space, during her residence Sixtine Jacquart collaborated with Bruno Robbe, a lithographer based in Frameries, to produce a work together on the medium of paper as an extension of the ceramic creation. A set of prints of white silhouettes in different poses provides the signage for the exhibition and invites visitors to let themselves go in physical exercises.


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