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Keramis is a place of art and creation that specialises in the medium of ceramics. As well as purchasing and exhibiting works by contemporary artists, the support we give to ceramic creation is expressed in the production of original works.

Limited edition of 8 copies.

In 2020, the contemporary French artist François Curlet is invited to think of an edition in the Atelier de Keramis. The artist imagines a mega mug that would follow the curves of a female bust.

Shaped by Olivia Mortier, technician ceramist of the museum, the series gives birth to 8 disproportionate mugs.

From June 26 to November 7, 2021, this edition is presented at Keramis, in the space of the great nave, alongside ready-mades and other works created for the occasion in the installation Mega Mug & Bike-plugged .

Sale price: € 3,000

Available at the Keramis Shop.

François Curlet Mega Mug

Limited edition produced in partnership with the City of La Louvière and the École Supérieure des Arts de Mons, Arts2.

As part of the 150th anniversary of the City of La Louvière, the engraving students of the École Supérieure des Arts, Arts2 in Mons, designed and produced a limited series of small utility objects in porcelain in the Atelier de Keramis.

Supervised by Olivia Mortier, technical ceramist of the museum, the students made a mold on the basis of a pre-existing object or of their own creation. Subsequently, with the help of their teacher, Pol Authom, a visual related to the Leuven theme was applied to the cast objects and packaging was also imagined.

With the creations of: Kathelyn DEWILDE, Élodie DUFRASNE, Laura DUPONT, Emma HARDAT, Brunehault HUYSENTRUYT, Pierre MARISCAL, Flora TOMSIN, Laetitia VAN CAMPENHOUT, Mathilde VAN DROM

Available at the Keramis Shop.

Limited edition of 100 copies.

At the initiative of the CID, Benoît Deneufbourg and Keramis have designed a series of porcelain office accessories in limited production.

The range includes a cylindrical container with different lids. Each cover is designed for a specific use, other than for closing: a storage tray, a card holder or a pencil holder.

All items are stackable and can be combined, taking the form of totems.

Sale price: 100 €

Available at the Shop de Keramis and the Boutique du Grand-Hornu.

Benoît Deneufbourg - Totem - Keramis
Les inséparables

A limited edition of 50 numbered and signed copies.

To mark the Claude Aïello and the Designers exhibition held in the Grand-Hornu from 8 September to 16 December 2012 and alongside the catalogue written by Bernard Chauveau, Keramis has produced a salt and pepper set created by the renowned French designer Florence Doleac and made by the ceramicist Claude Aïello.

The Inseparables is the last to join the family, a collection of almost 20 pieces that has grown year by year since 2004.

Price: € 90

Copies sold in their original numbered box.

Available from the Keramis Shop and in the Grand-Hornu shop.

A limited edition of 100 copies for the Uncertain Kinds exhibition by the ECART network.

These St Claudine Pipes are a sensuous take on the famous St Claude pipes (Jura).


Made from enamelled biscuit porcelain, the pipes unsettle their familiar appearance and invite you to touch them.


Amandine Maillot encourages our bodies to encounter this object with skin-on-skin contact and plays with the fragile delicateness and transparency of porcelain. These pipes are a source of confusion; lightly touch and carefully run your fingers along them inside and out.


Price: € 50

Copies sold in their original numbered box.

Available from the Keramis Shop.

Pipes de Sainte-Claudine - Amandine Maillot
La Tartine - Alain Berteau


During Mons 2015, Keramis and the Mons2015 Foundation asked the Belgian designer Alain Berteau to design an original piece.


After more than a year of research and work in the workshop, LA TARTINE was born!

It is an item that enters into dialogue with that familiar and iconic product made by Boch La Louvière, the spreading board. A symbol of the rebirth of this historic site, it is the first item to have been created entirely at Keramis. And it will doubtless come in handy every morning!

Designed by Alain Berteau

Created by the combined talents of Guy Woestyn (ceramicist at Keramis), Luigi Restano (modeller at Royal Boch), Jean-Claude Legrand and Emile Desmedt (ceramicists).


Price: € 39.90

Available from the Keramis Shop.

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