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Keramis is a museum and space of contemporary creation in one. Ceramics is a highly relevant art form today. By continually bringing heritage conservation and contemporary artistic expression into dialogue with one another, Keramis is a living institution, but above all one genuinely rooted in its own era and that of its visitors.

Keramis has welcomed artists in residence since it first opened in 2015.


Since 2018, kerAMIS, the friends’ association of Keramis, has awarded the Young Ceramics Award. Among other things, the winner is offered a period in residence in the Keramis workshop during the summer. The work that comes out of the residence is then presented in an exhibition the following spring.

The funding of artists’ residences at Keramis is something that the newly-formed association of friends of the museum, kerAMIS, has chosen to support. An artist's residence at Keramis offers the opportunity to leave behind everyday life and work at the centre for around seven weeks. The artist is provided with accommodation, a per diem allowance, a budget to purchase raw materials and support from the technical team at Keramis, both to produce one or more works and devise and set up an exhibition. In return, the artist creates a piece that will enter the museum’s collection, runs a day-long workshop during the residence, talks at an evening event, and meets the kerAMIS.

Another possible option available to artists in residence is a proposition from Keramis that they produce an edition of prints linked to the pieces made in the ceramics workshop with Bruno Robbe, a lithographer based in Frameries. Keramis attaches great importance to the printed image, not only because its partner, the Centre of Engraving and the Printed Image of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, is also based in La Louvière, but more fundamentally because transfer prints, initially using copper plates and then lithographic stones, are inseparable from the industrial production of tableware at Boch Frères from the 1840s onwards.

Sixtine Jacquart, Prix de la Jeune Céramique 2018 dans l'atelier de Keramis

Sixtine Jacquart, Young Ceramics Award 2018

Françoise Pétrovitch au travail dans l'Atelier de Keramis


In addition to residences (awarded to Charlotte Coquen and Sixtine Jacquart among others), Keramis invites exhibiting artists to produce pieces in its workshop. There have been a number of occasions on which artists from any artistic discipline have produced one or more works or developed a design project in the Keramis workshop.

Françoise Pétrovitch at work in the Keramis Workshop

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