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Discovering Keramis with your class means...

  • understanding where your plate comes from and learning about ceramics techniques and this old, internationally renowned Belgian skill

  • exploring Hainaut’s industrial past, the history of styles and how people lived

  • creating a dialogue between the old and the contemporary, between art, the craft industry and design

  • experiencing clay themselves in a workshop: shaping, modelling, stamping and creating ceramics with the help of a ceramicist.


Logo Keramis

primary and secondary

Découverte de Keramis pour les scolaires

Fun guided tour

Through play and observation, Keramis takes you off on a discovery of collections produced by the Boch faience factory as well as contemporary ceramics, and explores the universe of an artist who is featuring in a temporary exhibition at the museum.

€ 100 per group (max. 25 participants)

90 minutes

Ceramics workshop

Keramis offers two types of activities to appeal to your creativity and imagination:

  • the first looks at an everyday item, the techniques used to make it and the Boch collections

  • ​the second, more sculptural option comprises an introduction to the techniques of modelling and is more closely linked to the collections of contemporary works and the temporary exhibition.

Atelier céramique pour les scolaires à Keramis

The creations will be fired afterwards and, depending on what they are, enamelled in order to guarantee their suitability for everyday use.

€ 100 per group (max. 25 participants)

90 minutes

Want to combine the 2 and spend the afternoon or morning at the museum? It's possible !

€ 160 / group (max. 25 participants)

3 hours

Logo Keramis

nursery schools


The visit becomes a fun journey packed with stories and the workshop allows children to experiment with different states of the material and make an imaginary island.

€ 80 / group (max. 15 children accompanied by a minimum of 3 adults)

3 hours


Keramis and its partners also offer themed days in the Center Region in the form of combined visits:

  • Effets de matières avec le Mill ;

Carreaux de céramique


Maëlle Delaunoit

head of the education department (FR)

064 23 60 75 -

Ina Leys

Educational ceramist / Cultural mediator for English- and Dutch-speaking publics

064 23 60 75 -

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