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From September 10, 2022 to March 5, 2023, the room of the bottle kilns and the visitable reserve of Keramis are being reinvented to welcome a new route through the collections around the technical and artistic innovations of the former Boch factory.

Museum, art and creation space dedicated to ceramics, Keramis is erected on the site of the former Boch pottery factory in La Louvière. Its contemporary and daring architecture encompasses a listed building housing 3 former giant bottle ovens, the last examples of their kind in Belgium. Alongside exhibitions of contemporary ceramics, the museum showcases the productions of the Boch pottery factory, its techniques and its artists.

Active between 1844 and 2011 on the Louviérois site, the Boch factory demonstrated artistic and technical innovations throughout its history. Why abandon a bottle oven for a tunnel oven? What has the use of electroplating or chromolithography enabled? How to achieve a flowing-blue? What research did Charles Catteau carry out in his laboratory? So many questions raised thanks to this journey where Keramis reveals to you a Belgian manufacture eager for progress.

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Partenaires média


10 + 11.09.2022, 10h00 > 18h00 - Journées du Patrimoine en Wallonie

dimanche 16.10.2022, 14h00 > 18h00 - Guides en salle avec Stéphanie Boulet et Nathanaël Thiry, co-commissaires du parcours

dimanche 20.11.2022, 14h00 > 15h30 - Visite guidée en compagnie de Stéphanie Boulet, responsable des collections

dimanche 04.12.2022, 14h00 > 16h00 - Atelier familles

jeudi 26.01.2023, 19h00 > 20h30 - Visite guidée en compagnie de Nathanaël Thiry, co-coordinateur du "Parcours dans les collections. Innovations chez Boch"

samedi 04.03.2023, 10h30 > 12h30 - Conférence par Stéphanie Boulet, responsable des collections de Keramis

dimanche 05.03.2023, 14h00 > 16h00 - Atelier familles

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