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From Saturday March 20, 2021, find the latest pictorial creations by Belgian artist Jean Glibert in Keramis.

Jean Glibert © Xavier Delory.jpg

Trained at the Higher Institute of Decorative Arts in La Cambre, Jean Glibert is the author of a work almost exclusively linked to architecture.


His interventions are visible everywhere in Belgium, from Place Saint-Lambert in Liège to Middelheim Park in Antwerp, via the Bockstael metro station in Brussels.

Photo © Xavier Delory

In 2015, he worked on the entire new concrete veil volumes enclosing the two listed buildings remaining from the former Boch factory which constitute Keramis.

Jean Glibert opts for a total treatment of facades in camouflage mode, a subject he particularly likes. He stretches the patterns of the drawings, modifies the scales, adapts them to the volumes, upsetting the perception of the building and its environment. The motif imagined by the artist also recalls the cracks in earthenware.

From March to June 2021, Jean Glibert will present his latest creations, large format paintings, to Keramis.


Samedi et dimanche 20 et 21.03.2021, 10h00 > 18h00

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Dimanche 16.05.2021, 14h00 > 17h00

Samedi 05 et dimanche 06.06.2021, 10h00 > 18h00

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